Dr. Tito has many years of experience performing advanced research in neuroscience and human genomics, unravelling the cellular and molecular underpinnings of neurodegenerative disorders, deciphering mechanistic insights of novel therapeutic interventions, and assisting in the development of cellular and animal models for personalized medicine protocols. He is also experienced in leading global business development efforts and strategic partnerships within the medical imaging, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries.

Currently, as business director for NURA Health Science, Dr. Tito is working with a team of PhD experts, clinical operators, and healthcare professionals in drafting and implementing business and operational strategies that support the development of innovative technologies and formulate intelligent designs of clinical protocols. His vision for NURA is to foster a welcoming environment for startups and principal investigators to run decentralized and multi-center clinical trials, and attract global clients to commercialize their technologies in Mexico and LATAM countries.

He looks forward to working with innovators, entrepreneurs, principal investigators, startup companies, and executives from pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies from Mexico to expand their operations in the US, Europe, and APAC countries and from global companies to run their operations in Mexico.





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Integrating clinical research as part of your commercialization pathway

julio 23, 2022 - 12:00

In this talk, Dr. Tito will explain the importance of investing in the development of a clinical research pipeline that intelligently incorporates critical milestones which align with the commercialization pathway of a medical technology, pharmaceutical product, software as a medical device, or biologic at the early stages of a startup company. 

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