VR & AR director & producer, GameDev, 3D artist. CEO & cofunder of VR Demons, community of devs and gamers, and lead designer at MetaVRse. Professor at University of The Incarnate Word. I was lead & project manager at @inmersys, and project manager at @EONRealityInc. Cofunder of SpicyBIt.

Lover of mixing technology with magic. Multitasking and sensitive at the same time. I like to teach about the development of virtual ambients, although I always forget, because it doesn't seem like work for me. I want to share how great it can be to implement virtual reality & tech in our lives for better health, education and life.





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VR Basics: creating a merging game

julio 21, 2022 - 11:00

En este taller, revisaremos los principios básicos del VR y aprenderemos a hacer un juego de tipo alquimia (merging game), donde el jugador deberá combinar diferentes elementos (VRDemons) para crear cosas más complejas.

Usaremos Unity y el kit de desarrollo de Oculus para crear un demo, que al final probaremos dentro de unos Meta Quest 2 (Oculus Quest 2).

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