Anna is an R&D Product Manager specializing in novel technology commercialization. Currently, she primarily works with haptics, 3D scanning, and 3D audio technologies. Anna’s major challenge is to move the technology from the lab to real life. To achieve it, she analyses the technology capabilities, finds the best application of it, engages with the potential clients, and works to convert them into real ones. Anna has 10 years of experience in building solutions for multiple industries, such as e-commerce, Travel, e-Learning, Healthcare, Retail, and Financial Services.





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The tech future women build

julio 21, 2022 - 17:00

Technology is ubiquitous, diverse, holding heritage that people have contributed with their minds and creativity to serve the needs of a human. Among them are outstanding women whom we celebrate and who stand as significant contributors to this sophisticated and unattainable world.
There is much buzz around artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual & augmented reality, and metaverse as tech trends. Some of the newer technologies are sophisticated and rapidly evolving, making them hard to catch up with. Undoubtedly those technologies shape the way we live, act, and interact. We will uncover the recent innovations as part of career paths and stories of many women working on building tech of the future at SoftServe.

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